The MMA Spain & FaqFraud e-book: “Reflections – Anatomy of Digital Advertising Fraud” now in English

  • Aimed at the marketing and communication professionals concerned about the Digital Advertising Fraud
  • The e-book contains the main experiences and reflections of expert companies members of MMA Spain and members of FaqFraud about existing types of fraud, how to detect it and combat it.

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Fraud has always existed in all environments, but if there is a sector that suffers it in a sophisticated way, this is the advertising one, where all the advertising industry ecosystem actors are affected.

If technology allows us a more exhaustive analysis of the mobile user behavior on, as well as their way they interact with advertising, this same technology can serve the fraudsters “delinquents” to use increasingly complex ways of deceive both: users, brands or agencies, resulting in millionaire losses not only on effectiveness but in advertising investment.

One of the key objectives of MMA Spain is the formative disclosure of knowledge, as well as being part of initiatives that can help all sectors in the understanding and integration of mobility in their marketing strategies. This implies being a partner with the different players in the advertising industry, such as the recent alliance with FaqFraud, with whom MMA Spain has held three events this year, one in Madrid, and the other two in Barcelona and Valencia, with the main topic of knowing ways to detect and combat fraud in digital advertising

Professionals’ opinions and experiences

In order to extend the value of the content of these events, MMA Spain and FaqFraud made last year an e-book where reflections and experiences of professionals of the brands that were with us in the events and that are part of MMA and FaqFraud were collected, now we want to provide this information in English.

The e-book contains the different forms of existing fraud, ways to detect it and combat it, as well as recommendations gathered from the experiences of its authors and it’s addressed to marketing & communication professionals, as well as to specialists on media and data analytics interested on Mobile Marketing.

The professionals involved in this ebook are: (in alphabetical order)

FaqFraud & MMA Spain

  • FaqFraud – Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego – Founder
  • MMA Spain – Elia Méndez – Managing Director

MMA members

  • Accenture Interactive – Nacho Carnés – Lead of Programmatic Marketing, Innovation & Thought Leadership
  • Linicom – Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego – Chief of Strategy Business Development
  • S4M – Javier Plana – Country Manager Spain
  • Xaxis (GroupM) – Oscar Rodríguez – Managing Director

FaqFraud members

  • Amnet Iberia & SSA – Rafael Martínez – DAN Programmatic Leader & Head
  • Cayetano Chimeno – Senior Advisor Programmatic Advertising
  • EMMA – Antonio Sánchez – Executive Director
  • Integral Ad Science – Benito Marín – Senior Account Manager Spain & Portugal
  • Sunmedia – Álvaro Pastor – VP Operations International
  • Tappx – Santiago Soengas – Strategic Partnerships
  • Zeotap – Marc Ginjaume – Country Manager Spain & LATAM

About FaqFraud

FaqFraud is a non-profit organization, founded in order to offer support to all companies, from SMEs to large companies, in everything related to advertising fraud in the era of digital advertising.

When it comes to fraud, the unknown is much bigger than what it is known and this, is exactly the reason why Linicom with Adobe, Rubicon Project, Xaxis, Amnet Iberia, (to Zalando Media company), IAS, Vocento and Zeotap have created FaqFraud.

Collaboration agreements have also been established with trade associations such as MMA Spain. These companies that have knowledge about the complete digital advertising funnel and that have experts in the field to answer any questions that may have in relation to fraud are at the service of all companies that are related to the advertising sector.

For more information about FaqFraud: